Sue Watson

Business Consultant, Leadership and Strategy Expert, Coach, Author and Speaker

• 25+ years of professional consulting services spanning 4 continents
• An absolute expert in the field of human development
• A straightforward systematic and scientific methodology
• A world view and a global approach to business success

Sue has supported a large number of client organizations ranging from large health care organizations, school districts, renewable energy companies, ocean diamond miners, attorneys, judges, oil field workers, churches, non-profits and everything in between. She has experienced a wide range of people and a wide range of challenges and has the ability to work through even the toughest issues. Sue works with very smart people and knows how to ask the right questions. She understands markets, trends, systems, finances and people and is committed to making a positive difference.


Everybody is born to be a winner, but not everybody knows how. Sue’s book WINNER offers practical ideas and encouragement to everybody who is determined to develop a winning mindset, outlining winning moves for business and life. To purchase...


Keep all of your events and engagements lively with Sue as an energetic, relevant and fun business speaker. Sue speaks on Leadership, Customer Service, Strategy and Communication. Her presentations are insightful, humorous and meaningful and leave her audiences with a shot in the arm and a definite call to action. Read more...

More Than a Trainer

Leadership programs that change the way attendees view relationships, career and life. More than 90% of participants report that these programs have been life changing.

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