Staying On Track


How are you doing with your 2015 goals? If you’re like me you’re probably doing a great job with some, and not so great with others. That’s part of the human condition, I think. To help us all have an amazing year I put together some tips and hints to help us stay on track (or to get back in the groove).

1. Get excited about what you want to accomplish

Set goals that LIGHT YOU UP! You will find these easier to stick to because the difficulties and challenges you encounter in the short-term will be worth overcoming for the long-term gain.

2. Write your goals down and tell AT LEAST one person why they are important to you

The very act of writing down your goals begins the process of committing them to memory and oftentimes helps you to generate some immediate action items. Sharing why they are important will help you to remember why you are doing what you’re doing if and when the going gets tough.

3. Share your written goals with a couple of accountability partners

Share with mean people who care about you but won’t let you off the hook if you don’t feel like doing the work.

4. Spend time with your goals at least once a week

Read them, rewrite them, prioritize them, talk about them and post them somewhere very visible. Part of being successful at ANYTHING is managing to keep your goals alive.

5. Create weekly action items

When you have reviewed your goals make a list of actions to be in that week that will help forward your progress.

6. Share your weekly actions with an accountability partner or two

Share those actions EVERY WEEK with those same people who will help make sure that you do what you say you will do. Let them know how you did on the prior week and what didn’t happen according to plan.

7. Use technology to your advantage

I found some FREE online tools for setting and tracking goals, check them out and see what you think:

They all have a slightly different objective but maybe one will fit with your style.

8. Get the team on board

Whether its a work team or a home team , we all need people to help us execute a good plan. Take time to share and enroll the people around you and help them see what’s in it for THEM.

9. Make no excuses!

There is no room for excuses in a room full of super achievers.

10. Be disciplined. Don’t be driven by what you feel

You are not a product of your thoughts and feelings. They come and go. If you want to accomplish big things do what you commit to whether or not you feel like it.

11. Be in conversation with encouraging people

Reignite the spark by talking to the right people. Positive people can make a world of difference.

12. Recognize your progress and reward yourself

Don’t be discouraged if things don’t happen as quickly as you would like. That’s normal. Be good to yourself and focus on what you are doing, not what you’re not.

13. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by a multitude of other good ideas

If you are a little bit attention deficit, and most of us are (look at that shiny thing over there), you might be tempted to take on more than you can manage. Write all of those other great ideas down, but don’t let them distract you from finishing what’s most important today.

14. Be uncomfortable. Ask for help, get a coach, sign up for a new program, do something you wouldn’t normally do.

Oh yes, maybe I can be of assistance to you here? Call me on 661-301-7162 if you think I can help.

February 7, 2015

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