Our Programs

Business Initiatives offers a full range of programs designed to help organizations maintain a positive cash flow, accelerate profitable growth and provide an environment for optimizing people and relationships.

Through encouragement, coaching conversations and group facilitation these programs are designed to help you get the best from your team and to see what's possible for your business future.

The methodology and systematic approach that we use allows all programs to be somewhat customized and tailored to ensure that your individual and unique challenges are appropriately and relevantly addressed.

Expect a lively interchange of ideas and initiatives and see the results that you've been looking for begin to manifest as you implement strategic changes and apply new learning to your workplace.


If you are interested in participating in any of our programs,
contact us for more information.


Business Planning Boot Camp

Position your business to deliver more...


Power Group

Mix and mingle with the best.


Strategic & Business Planning

Set and achieve your goals.


Executive Coaching
& Consulting

Learn effective new habits.



Create infinite possibilities.


Leadership Training

Build the best team ever.


Customer Service Training

Discover what makes your customers tick.


Expert Meeting Facilitation

Collaborate, focus, and work effectively.


Conflict Resolution

Let's get problems solved.

Online Courses

About Business Initiatives

We love seeing ideas come to life. Our ambition is always to fulfill on yours. We design futures with you that make lives and businesses better. By supporting your growth: personally, professionally and that of your organization: we pave the way for higher levels of performance and profit. We stimulate thinking and reduce anxieties. We can help you build and implement an action plan that excites you, your team and your customers. Take your business to a whole new level.
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