A friend of mine came up with a great acronym that I wanted to share with you.


L Lead or get out of the way! Employees and team members are looking for vision and direction, and it’s your job, as a leader, to give it to them. Don’t be frightened to take the reins and set the course.

E Evaluate your staff. A good team player wants accountability, and to be noticed. Employees crave feedback and performing a bi-annual evaluation is a great way to formalize your feedback process.

A Ask questions. Ask for clarity, ask for advice, information, and guidance, and find out what the people around you know, you might be pleasantly surprised. Ask your customers how you are doing. Ask the difficult questions. It will quickly set you apart.

D Deal with issues in a timely manner. This is great advice! Don’t put things off. Deal with your fears and address issues head-on. This builds trust and confidence in your ability to lead effectively.

E Effective. Evaluate your processes as well as your staff. Change some things, if necessary, for the sake of your effectiveness, even if it means stepping outside of your comfort zone.

R Respect everybody, all of the time. Talk respectfully, act respectfully and respond to everything that is thrown at you in a respectful manner. Sometimes it is helpful to take a deep breath before we speak <sigh>.

S Show you care. The best leaders are not afraid to be involved in the lives of the people around them. Gallup says that caring for your team is a key to having engaged employees, which in turn leads to better performance, attendance, profits and company growth.

H Help your team when they need it, even if it means getting your hands dirty. Be a part of the success of your organization and make it easy for your people to know that you are fully invested and there for them.

I Instruct people clearly, this will help with individual, and team development. Always be teaching, mentoring and coaching, the long-term results will amaze you.

P Protect your time and space. Don’t take work home with you every day. The best leaders live balanced lives. YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN YOUR JOB.

Leading is not for wimps and it’s definitely not for everybody. It starts with knowing where you are going and then developing the skills and attributes that you need, in order to have people follow you. Are good leaders born or developed? Those of us that think we were born leaders were really just bossy kids! Those so called ‘born leaders’ have as much to learn (or in some cases unlearn) as the people with more reserve that may not always think of themselves as natural leaders.

Leaders don’t need a title because they are willing to lead no matter what their business card might say. They will lead from any seat. Give me a call if you want more understanding of my leadership philosophy.

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