Matt Walz

US SBU Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), The AES Corporation

It’s really simple. Sue made me a better leader, my team a better team, and my business a better business. Sue helped me transform the entire operating system of the organization impacting our people, processes, and strategy. Along the way she brought an undeniable authenticity that she cared, and was fully committed to helping us achieve our dreams.

On a more personal level, I am indebted to Sue’s coaching. Her caring and challenging spirit helped me break through my constraints, ones that were holding me back for years. It has made a world of difference for me as a leader but more importantly as a person. I can think of 12 other people pretty quickly who would say something very similar.

Sharon Peters, MBA

SCPMG Chief Administrative Officer

I brought Sue Watson into my organization about 6 years ago to help develop leadership strength among my senior leaders and front line managers. Sue’s ability to work with small groups and challenge their thinking around leadership and around their personal responsibility and accountability for behavior and performance is tremendous. Every single person who has experienced Sue’s workshop has left “changed.”

For me personally, Sue helped me shape my personal life mission and changed the course of my life in wonderfully positive ways.

Sue is tough and loving at the same time!! I highly recommend her workshops to others who are looking for change both in their personal and professional lives.

Valerie Adams

CPA, MST Williams Adams & Company

I’ve had the opportunity of working with Sue Watson over the past seven years. She consistently delivers on point consulting advice at both personal and business levels. Sue’s keen insight, straight forward approach and genuine interest in her clients make her invaluable. I consider Sue not only a top notch consultant, but also a trusted friend.

David O’Grady

Senior Director of Human Resources REC Solar, Parent Organization: Duke Energy

I have worked with and known Sue for close to 10 years and during that time I have been fortunate to participate in her training and mentoring programs. I have had Sue administer her curricula across large portions of our employee population, which has led to a significant and positive cultural effect. Sue is a force of nature and has single handedly, through passion and at times sheer will, moved our organization toward accountability, integrity and resiliency. Sue’s ability to assess an organization and then proactively act on that assessment is unique and valuable. Sue has the innate ability to provide critical feedback in a way that lingers long after the conversation has ended. Sue’s training is powerful and unlike others in that the training does not end after class is over – Sue compassionately holds us all accountable and is in it for the long haul. Sue’s integrity and work ethic are second to none and will have a positive impact on any organization.

Pastor Eric Van Scharrel

St. John’s Lutheran Church

The Being a Leader program changed the way I view both my relationships and my vocations. My mindset has shifted to see opportunities to be part of “making something happen that wouldn’t otherwise happen.” I knew the course would be challenging, but what I found is it delved deeper into who I am in a very personal way, in order that it could also unlock who I am capable of being.

Sarah Sackewitz

Human Resources Manager, KBA Engineering

After hearing Sue Watson speak at a symposium a few years ago, I knew I wanted to work with her. When an opportunity presented itself, I didn’t hesitate in approaching Sue to support the enhancement of our leadership skills on the management level. Sue helped me by getting our senior leadership to realize their full potential. They understand the immediate impact they have on our workforce as well as with our customers. The results are phenomenal. In the oil and gas industry, supervisors are traditionally promoted because of time with the company or because of their skill level. Very few of the leaders have had formal training or guidance on how to succeed at leading a workforce. We place these individuals in spotlight positions without the proper tools to perform. Our supervisors engaging in the conversation of change, and utilizing the ideas Sue provided has been a company changing victory. Sue has built significant relationships with our management. They have reached out to her for one-on-one training to better improve themselves. Sue has provided our leadership with the guidance to become more. The experience has been incredibly powerful.

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