Business Planning Boot Camp

boot2This boot camp is designed to make you money. Position your business to deliver more of what your customers want… more customers. Define your performance objectives. Clarify your vision. Take action.

Build your best ever business plan, WHILE YOU WORK IT. Expect immediate results.

Meet regularly with other focused individuals. Have a professional consultant on your team during this 6-session action packed curriculum. Not for babies! Expect results proportionate to your effort.

What participants are saying about Boot Camp:

“This program has allowed me to get really clear on what my offer is.”

“Working the plan over an extended period of time has helped me build and keep the momentum going inside my business.”

“My target market is very clear to me now.”

About Business Initiatives

We love seeing ideas come to life. Our ambition is always to fulfill on yours. We design futures with you that make lives and businesses better. By supporting your growth: personally, professionally and that of your organization: we pave the way for higher levels of performance and profit. We stimulate thinking and reduce anxieties. We can help you build and implement an action plan that excites you, your team and your customers. Take your business to a whole new level.
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